Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Milking for Success!

When I first started the breastfeeding odyssey, I really had no idea all the obstacles that lay ahead.

Types of Pumps:
I own a Medela Pump in Style Advanced (aka PISA).  I also recently acquired a Medela Harmony.  And I use a Medela Symphony at work.

I was secretly a cocky mom. I thought that breastfeeding would come very naturally to me.  This is what nature intended right?  I was so wrong

My son was born with a tongue tie which wasn't resolved until maybe a few days after his birth.  This "genetic defect" made the critical days that is supposed to help my supply, become days of nightmare.  He had a terrible latch and would "fall asleep" on the boob.

Those were the dark days.  I cried.  I doubted myself.  I had meltdowns.  In the end, my supply came back up, we supplemented, Logan got his tongue tie clipped, we got his latch fixed.

Important learnings for new moms:
Keep baby close to you, in fact forget making meals and cleaning, keep baby in bed with you, ask your friends and families, spouse for help making meals, just stay in bed with baby and feed on demand.  Keep lots of water and liquids by your bedside and nurse on demand.  I can't stress that enough.  REJECT ALL VISITORS!!!!! They have no business until after your milk supply is established.

I didn't pump very much or enough when my supply was low. I was exhausted and tired.  If you do decide to be one of those moms that pump every 2 hours to help your supply because you had none.... for whatever reason... make sure to drink lots of water and eat whole foods.  And also rent the hospital grade pump.  

Finally... keep track of baby's feeding using an app or journal.  I started with the pen and paper method.  I was tired, my penmenship was horrible, I started losing track of time, days.... it's just easier to use the app.  It'll even remind you when to feed the baby again.  Yes go download the app right now. It's called FEED BABY

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