Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pumping Supplies and GEAR!

Pumping bra! Hands free pumping for the busy mom.  I would use the pumping time to browse facebook on my phone or stuff the pocket cloth diapers.

Pumping BAG!

I was lugging tons of stuff that's pump related to go to the office along with my laptop and work supplies.  Finally one of the moms on social media suggested a pumping bag. Here is one from amazon.  Click on each bag picture for more information.

I really like the color of this one, just very rich..

This is a more toned down color but both bags function the same way, just differenet colors.

provides pump and other essential good storage and easy access to pump.

Lanolin/mother's love/coconut oil are great to keep your nipples supple and some moms say this helps increase milk production.

also what is really helpful are these Lansinoh breast therapy pads (click on picture for more details). My mom would try to run hot water on wash rags, but the wash cloths got cold fast.  These gel packs work much better and feel good against the boob.

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